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Gunnar Nu 1 + 2

Gunnar Nu 1 + 2 unique conference room with room for 226 people. The room can be combined with two adjacent rooms to create a large hall with room for 350 people. The rooms can also be used separately as a breakaway room for guests who need to hold meetings during the meeting. The room has 6 cameras installed, which makes it possible to give the guests who attend a virtual sense of the room and its guests. We let you speak and are ready with refreshments and snacks. You can enjoy them in the Michael Laudrup Lounge just outside the conference hall, or you can come down to our restaurant and be tempted by the varied buffet.

A conference room with tables and chairs
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Close to the city and easy to get to

From Brøndby you are 12 km to Copenhagen and 22 km to the airport. We have 2,500 free parking spaces and are conveniently located at the Brøndbyvester exit that leads directly to Copenhagen or out to the rest of Zealand.

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Room for everyone

From the 396m2 Gunnar Nu hall to the 20m2 Erik Hansen meeting room, we can comfortably accommodate any event. All of our rooms are flexibly designed so that the tables can be set up to suit your needs - whether you want a cinema set-up, gathered tables, group set-ups or anything else, it can be done.

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Healthy and inspiring in the heart of sport

All meeting rooms are inspiringly close to the Sports Hall of Fame and you get healthy food served from our kitchen, which is used to feeding hungry elite athletes from all over the world. We serve all meals of the day with vegetables and spices from our own kitchen garden.

Conference room with break-away options

Gunnar Nu 1 + 2 is part of the overall Gunner Nu conference hall. It is a partial enclosure of the main hall, allowing up to 226 people to gather in the 252m2.

Use it as part of a flexible conference or book it because you need a smaller room that is still open and provides elbow room for your attendees.

The space is well designed, the furniture is comfortable and flexible, and the technology is adapted to the space.

It can be set up and used as a main hall, while Gunner 3 allows for smaller breakout meetings and gatherings as needed.

On which field would  you like to play?

We want to play your game - and have many 'courses' to choose from. Tell us about your meeting and number of participants and we'll book the best room for your meeting.
Book with us today or learn more.

Frequently asked questions?

If you need more information, you can find it in the frequently asked questions. In the unlikely event that you still don't know the answer, please don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

Is the hotel disability-friendly?

Yes, all our meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible and the hallways are wide.

Are there opportunities to relax during breaks or after a meeting?

You can unplug in one of our lounges around the hotel or watch elite athletes train on site.

Are different types of meeting rooms offered?

Yes, we have everything from small closed group rooms to large halls and open lounge areas. We customize the meeting room and setup according to your program.

Is accommodation available for meetings?

Yes, we have 65 rooms and also work closely with nearby hotels if you have a larger group.

Can I book a room without catering?

Yes, you can, but we always recommend that our guests order coffee, tea and water as a minimum.

Can the meeting rooms be used as group rooms?

Yes, basically any room can be used as a group room, depending on the size and purpose of the event

Is technical assistance available?

Yes, we always accompany you to the meeting room and make sure you are connected correctly and that the desired technical equipment is working

Can we change the break times during the day?

Yes, as a starting point it is possible. We will review your program upon arrival and adjust according to your wishes

Is there daylight in all rooms?

Yes, all our meeting rooms have natural light.

Is video conferencing available?

Yes, you can do that in 8 of our rooms, including our large conference hall with room for up to 350 people.

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