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Together we are stronger

The work culture

At Idrættens Hus, the team spirit of sport is a big part of our DNA. We stand together as a team, respecting and recognizing each other. We always work towards a common goal: To create memorable experiences for our guests.

We help each other, welcome newcomers and capitalize on our different experiences with customer care. We want to deliver the ultimate service and make sure everyone is part of the game. Welcome to a place where, like the most ambitious teams in sport, we strive for a shared triumph.

Jobs with us

"When you work at Idrættens Hus Hotel & Konference, you become part of the team - our passionate team! Our mission is to create great hospitality for our guests every day by being solution-oriented, flexible and smiling. With us, there is no such thing as them and us, because victory requires a joint effort where everyone's skills are put into play."

Anne Mette Kyhn
General Manager

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We want to make a difference

Team spirit and sportsmanship

Our ambition is for our work environment to be felt with pride.
At Idrættens Hus, our culture is inspired by the dedication and community of sport - we play on the same team and help each other towards many daily victories!
We support each other like a cycling team in the face of adversity, where no one is left behind and we pedal steadily because we love what we do.

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Become part of the family

Idrættens Hus is an exciting and ever-changing workplace - no two days are the same. You'll be part of a family where we take care of each other, where the tone is informal and the atmosphere relaxed. We succeed by helping each other across professional boundaries. With respect for each individual's skills, we pull together because we are inspired and dare to challenge ourselves.

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No them and us

We help each other and keep our eyes open.
This builds trust and community in our workplace.

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You give and you take

As part of a family, it's important that you contribute and do your best. We promise to give you a great workday with challenges that suit you.

Everyone contributes knowledge and experience

Meet your teammates

As a workplace, we are very versatile. We have both young and old on the team. Some of us come from different countries and cultures. Some have many years of experience, others only a few. What we all have in common is that we are curious to get to know each other. We recognize that we are different and have great respect for each individual's skills and knowledge. We know we can learn something from you, so don't hesitate to join the team.

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We have room for everyone

We celebrate diversity and take pride in our teamwork, and see the value in tackling tasks with diverse input. We believe it makes us that much better.

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Learn something

With so much experience on site, it's easy for newcomers to pick up tips and tricks and benefit from the experienced background you'll encounter.

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The game works better with rules

Our rules of the game

As part of the team at Idrættens Hus, there are some rules you are expected to play by. These rules ensure that together we create a workplace characterized by joy and pride.

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Loyalty at Idrættens Hus means that we dare to talk about the difficult things and take the honest communication and not slander. Being able to discuss and be honest builds trust. We always support decisions wholeheartedly once they have been made. Because we always stand up for each other.

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Respect is at the heart of Idrættens Hus. Not only towards our guests and colleagues in DIF and the federations, but also towards each other. We recognize the lives, boundaries and freedom of others. And we need to remind each other that respect breeds respect.

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If we don't dare to fail, we will never get better!

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is through these mistakes that we learn and improve. There is room for us to make mistakes, as long as we own up to them and see the opportunity to do better. It's often the mistakes that make us better and lift us to a higher level. That way, we always do better tomorrow than we did yesterday.

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When the smile comes from the heart and is genuine, good service and happiness will follow. It should be fun to work here, so your joy and enthusiasm will spread like ripples to all guests and colleagues.

The three-meter rule

As an employee at Idrættens Hus, Hotel & Konference, we take responsibility for what we see and hear, and we practice this through the "three-meter" rule. This means that you are constantly aware of your surroundings - is there a napkin next to the trash can? - Or is there an empty glass? Then it's our responsibility to act.

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