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Because it's our shared responsibility

Environmental policy

We have developed an environmental policy that is now an integral part of our daily procedure, covering everything from our own cleaning, food handling, local food production, biodiversity, waste sorting, recycling and heating, as well as our purchasing policy.
We focus on making the right environmental choice for you as a guest and for us. We are aware that this applies to both ourselves and our suppliers.
Read more about the individual initiatives below.

Because we have an attitude!

Purchasing policy

We have a clear policy when purchasing goods. When purchasing, we focus on price, quality, service, delivery reliability, operating costs, working environment, ethics and products and services that have the least possible impact on the environment during their life cycle.
Our green purchasing policy ensures that we carry out our tasks with as little impact on the environment as possible. Environmental considerations are taken into account on an equal footing with other considerations in the planning and execution of all purchases.
This is your guarantee that the goods are as environmentally friendly as possible and produced under proper conditions for both workers and the climate.

a pot of vegetables next to a bowl of soup
The international eco-label for tourism

GreenKey environmental certificate

Idrættens Hus Conference & Hotel has received GreenKey's environmental certificate as proof that we are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. It almost feels like winning gold in sustainability, GreenKey is tourism's most widespread eco-label and has strict criteria that ensure a special focus on companies' environmental impact and management. Continuous checks are carried out on certified companies to ensure that they meet the strict requirements.
The GreenKey environmental certificate is awarded to hotels, conference venues and holiday centers that want to make an extra effort to be sustainable and take care of the environment.

Eat up

Food waste

Food waste is a challenge we take seriously! We have therefore implemented major restructuring in our restaurant to minimize food waste. It has been a great success and has led to a large reduction in food waste since 2020.

We have implemented various strategies to reduce the amount of food waste in Idrættens Hus. This includes careful planning of our purchasing and inventory to avoid overproduction and deterioration of food.

A woman is taking food from the lunch buffet onto her plate
Two chefs cutting herbs in the kitchen garden
Inspiration for local and seasonal goods

Kitchen garden

Together with Fælleshaverne, we have established a kitchen and vegetable garden in our atrium courtyards next to the restaurant. Here, the chefs harvest ingredients such as salads and herbs that are used in the menu on a daily basis. The availability of ready-to-harvest ingredients shapes the composition of the menu and ensures that the food is created according to the season and local production. In addition to cabbage, salads and herbs, we also have berry bushes and perennials in our enclosed atrium courtyards. Measures we have taken to contribute to biodiversity.

Biodiversity icon


Biodiversity is essential for the stability of ecosystems. We believe that many small streams make a big river. That's why we've chosen to create a small food supply that makes sense for us and our chefs.

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Local seasonal products

Local food production, which is part of our policy, supports our sustainability stance and reduces environmental impact and transportation distances.

Respecting the environment

Cleaning & Maintenance

At Idrættens Hus Hotel & Conference, we have made an active choice to take better care of the environment. Therefore, we have changed our cleaning procedure so that your room is cleaned every fourth day. In the cupboard you will find an extra set of towels.

Cleaning is an important part of our operations, and we take responsibility for carrying it out in a way that protects the environment as much as possible. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods that minimize the use of harmful chemicals.

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Room cleaning

As standard, we clean every 4 days in occupied rooms. To protect the environment. If you would like more frequent cleaning, please contact the reception.

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We are committed to continuously working to improve our environmental performance in waste sorting, food waste and cleaning. It's the least we can do for the environment.

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a black trash can on top of a wooden floor
Waste sorting

For a greener stay

Waste sorting is a cornerstone of our environmental efforts. We work actively to minimize the amount of waste. Idrættens Hus has implemented a comprehensive waste sorting system that ensures that materials such as plastic, food and residual waste are properly separated. We also encourage our employees and guests to actively participate in waste sorting by providing signs and containers for proper sorting.

Waste sorting icon

In the room

You will find divided waste bins in your room and we hope you will help us sort as much as possible.

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In the building

Our 2,500+ m2 covers many bins. They will be divided in the future, and we hope you will help us distribute your waste here too - for the good of the environment.

The environment is important to us

Is that important to you too? Then Idrættens Hus is the right choice for your next meeting or hotel stay. We look forward to hearing from you.

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