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About us

"We don't stop playing because we get old - we get old because we stop playing."
- Gunnar "Nu" Hansen

Part of something bigger

Our greatest ambition is to offer our guests extraordinary experiences.

Sportsmanship, professionalism and teamwork are keywords that form the foundation of Idrættens Hus. We are under the same roof as the Danish Sports Confederation, Team Denmark, Parasport Denmark and 62 specialized federations, which means that Denmark's most talented athletes are part of the house. We are close to their struggles and successes, and we learn from their passion, which we try to pass on in our daily work. We hope this is reflected when we welcome our guests every day. If we want to be the best, we must learn from the best - and every day we strive to improve our skills so that the meetings and conferences we host can create that extraordinary experience. With more than 2,500 square meters of meeting rooms and sports halls, no event is too big or small for us.

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A natural gathering point

We set the bar high

Idrættens Hus is a living house - there is always activity here, whether it is in the form of conferences, overnight guests, athletes or employees from the house on their way to lunch. As employees at Idrættens Hus Hotel & Konference, we meet our many guests, colleagues and athletes with an open mind. We are solution-oriented and dare to challenge ourselves daily. We are inspired by the athletes who train purposefully every day to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, whether they are elite athletes or those who come to be part of grassroots sport in Denmark. Whatever the purpose, we're part of something bigger, and we love providing gold medal-worthy service.

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Our mission

With a focus on quality, health, well-being and personal commitment, we must set the bar high and dare to push our boundaries. Because we go the extra mile every day.

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Our Vision

Idrættens Hus Hotel & Konference must be a dynamic, healthy and inspiring workplace.

We must be a natural and active gathering point for Danish sports.

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Part of a Community

Behind Idrættens Hus are a number of partners who represent the house and give us the opportunity to give you the extraordinary experience.

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The environment matters

Environment and sustainability

We aim to be the right environmental choice for you as a guest. That's why we have worked hard to ensure that our hotel and conference center benefits the environment and your experience as a guest. We are aware that this applies to both ourselves and our suppliers. Therefore, our environmental policy applies to everything from our own cleaning, food handling, local food production, biodiversity, waste sorting, recycling and heating, as well as our purchasing policy.

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Chain liability

We care that our suppliers are responsible. That's why we are a member of the Sustainable Procurement Forum

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Food waste

We have a farm garden with our own produce and measure our food waste every day.

Want to join the team?

If you dare to give something of yourself to a team and take pride in going the extra mile every day, keep an eye out for open positions or send us an unsolicited application.

Business partners

No company is an island. We are owned by the Danish Sports Confederation and our partners are many. This means that every day you can experience a hotel, restaurant, conferences, events and a training facility that matches your needs.

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