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Host your event with us

Make your event sporty

Meetings with colleagues and business partners? Conferences with your company or organization? Idrættens Hus is the perfect setting - and we've done it before, so you can rest easy.

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Events that get things moving for you and your team

Our conference hotel is the perfect place to host your business event, as we have all the necessary facilities and amenities for both meetings and physical activity. With our location close to Copenhagen, close to the highway and with 2,500 parking spaces, it's also easy to get to and from the hotel for both local and international participants.

Health & Wellness
We host elite athletes from around the world and offer a comprehensive focus on health, movement and activity. It keeps the mind, body and event alive.
Space for you
We have 2,500+ free parking spaces and halls that can accommodate up to 350 people, as well as intimate meeting rooms for 5-6 people.
Sleep at the event

Plenty of accommodation options after your event

Stay right next to your event and get home easily: We have 65 well-appointed rooms ready for you and your guests. All beds are a minimum of 120 cm wide, so there's room to spread out.

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All room types

From single rooms to suites, we can offer just the type of room you need after a long meeting or a successful conference. We also offer rooms for the disabled with a lift bed and extra space for a wheelchair.

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With us, the breakfast buffet is always included in the price. We also give you the option of extra beds in the different rooms.

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Food for the event?

The restaurant is open

The restaurant is an inspiring addition to your event. The open setting, where elite athletes eat their daily diet, focuses on creating healthy, locally produced dishes with seasonal vegetables and herbs. This inspiration goes straight to your event, where the food reflects the chefs' creativity and daily foraging trips in our courtyard.

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Newly renovated premises

We've given the restaurant a thorough facelift, making it the perfect place to relax in the light of the open facade windows.
Visit it or have food prepared in the inspiring setting for your event.

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Private courtyard

The courtyard is full of herbs and vegetables that the chefs forage for daily.
This guarantees that your food is made with seasonal, healthy ingredients.

Image gallery

Enjoy beautiful shots from Idrættens Hus - get an impression of the house or reminisce about your last visit to us.

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Event in Idrættens Hus!

Planning a congress, conference or company party? Idrættens Hus offers the perfect setting with experience and facilities. Make your event unforgettable with us!
All events are organized in close collaboration with Brøndby Hallen.

Still not sure about something?

Read the answer here, among the frequently asked questions.
In the unlikely event that you can't find what you're looking for, you can always write to us.

Is accommodation available for conferences?

Yes, we have 65 rooms and also work closely with nearby hotels if you have a larger group.

Is the hotel disability-friendly?

Yes, all our meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible and the hallways are wide.

Are there different types of conference rooms offered?

Yes, we have everything from small, closed group rooms to large halls and open lounge areas. We customize the conference room and setup according to your program.

Are there opportunities to relax during breaks or after a meeting?

You have the option to unplug in one of our lounges around the hotel

Can we change the break times during the day?

Yes, as a starting point it is possible. We will review your program upon arrival and adjust according to your wishes

Is technical assistance available?

Yes, we always follow you down to the conference room and make sure you are connected correctly and that the desired technical equipment is working

Can the conference rooms be used as group rooms?

Yes, basically any room can be used as a group room, depending on the size and purpose of the event

Can I book a room without catering?

Yes, you can, but we always recommend that our guests order coffee, tea and water as a minimum.

Is there daylight in all rooms?

Yes, all our conference rooms have natural light.

Is video conferencing available?

Yes, you can do that in 8 of our rooms, including our large conference hall with room for up to 350 people.

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