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Accessibility-friendly rooms

Double rooms. Comfort and accessibility for all

With us, there are no narrow places - literally. We offer accessible rooms that are designed to be spacious and comfortable. With a lift bed and extra space for wheelchairs, we ensure that all our guests have a pleasant stay.

Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
You get a flat screen TV
You get a flat screen TV
Living room with sofa, armchair and coffee table
Living room with sofa, armchair and coffee table

Our rooms are designed with accessibility and comfort in mind. With a lift bed and extra space, we ensure that guests with special needs have a comfortable stay. The room is easy to navigate with a wheelchair and the bathroom is equipped with the necessary amenities to ensure convenience.

We understand the importance of a space that is both functional and comfortable. That's why we've made sure our disabled rooms are not only practical, but also cozy. With modern amenities like a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi, you can relax and feel at home.

A man does a pull up on a pull up bar.

Olympic weights

Lift like an Olympic athlete - or at least feel like one, with our Olympic weights!


Calisthenics equipment

Who needs gravity? Challenge it with our calisthenics equipment and fly higher than ever before.


Cardio machines

Our cardio machines are so good, you'll think you're competing in the Tour de France - minus the sweat and tears.


56kg Kettlebells

Our kettlebells are so effective that Newton wished he had invented them instead of the law of gravity!

The best of the season on your plate

Enjoy fresh, seasonal food

Our restaurant offers a delicious evening buffet with a focus on seasonal ingredients. Enjoy hot soup, salads, meat and much more in a cozy setting.

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Monthly menus

In addition to our evening buffet, we also offer our 2 or 3-course monthly menus. As the name suggests, these menus are based on seasonal ingredients. We are quite flexible, so we are happy to accommodate special requests if possible.

Great food from the restaurant

Seasonal ingredients

Our skilled chefs create the most delicious dishes from scratch using seasonal ingredients. And with a beautiful kitchen and herb garden right outside the window, the variations are many and freshness is a given.

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