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Long conference day

If you need more stages to convey all your knowledge and information, take a look at our long conference days

Morning break
Fresh fruit, coffee, tea & water
Lunch incl. 1 water/soda
Afternoon break with cake of the day
Two-course dinner or buffet of chef's choice
Accommodation in a single room incl. breakfast in a restaurant
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Healthy eating

Enjoy our delicious 2-course menu as part of your full-day meeting. As we cater to many elite athletes, a healthy and varied diet is a matter of course for us.

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Modern facilities

We have the facilities you need. Our 12 newly renovated meeting rooms have natural daylight, state-of-the-art AV equipment and a reliable wireless network, so you don't have to worry about anything other than the content of your meeting.

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Simple and easy

Idrættens Hus Hotel & Conference is located close to the approach roads to Copenhagen. With 2,500 free parking spaces, it is simple and easy for you and your guests to visit us.

Sleep on the decisions

We offer the long conference day, where we don't finish until the afternoon cake is served on day 2.

On day 1, a delicious breakfast is served during the morning break. We present you with a delicious lunch and of course coffee, tea and cake for the afternoon break. In the evening, we offer a selected two-course dinner or buffet in the restaurant and a relaxing night in a single room including breakfast.
Then you can concentrate on the meeting and content, and relax knowing that bed is just around the corner.

On day 2, breakfast is served when the meeting begins. For lunch we serve a delicious assorted lunch and we round off the afternoon break with cake.

All, of course, with a steady stream of water, coffee/tea and fresh fruit.

Honest food

That's what we call our food, because that's exactly what it is. We cook for Denmark's sports elite on a daily basis and know which meals create energy and energy. Our long-lasting conference days start with an inspiring breakfast that gives participants an energetic start to the first day. Lunch, afternoon cake, fresh fruit and the fragrant coffee/tea station maintain energy levels and provide optimal conditions for staying focused.

The evening of the first day culminates with a delicious two-course menu in our restaurant, carefully selected to inspire and satisfy the palate. This is repeated on the second day, ensuring a constant stream of culinary experiences that can help boost motivation with a good and cozy atmosphere.

Modern and comfortable facilities

Our meeting facilities create the best setting for a long conference day. We serve up a whole arena of options for your conference. State-of-the-art technology and flexible meeting set-up, where we customize the room and table layout to suit you. We only have comfortable chairs to make it easier to enjoy the conference presentations. We have several cozy lounges where you can enjoy a good chat or watch LIVE sports from around the world.

We strive to create an environment that promotes productivity and focused collaboration while keeping participants comfortable.

Great Service

We train daily in this discipline because we want to be the best and deliver a first-class service experience that exceeds expectations. We are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure your conference day goes exactly as you want it to. We take care of everything from serving meals and coffee/tea to making the restaurant experience unforgettable.

Our hope is that your meeting participants can focus on achieving results and be inspired in a comfortable atmosphere throughout the event. At the same time, they can enjoy overnight accommodation in our comfortable single rooms with breakfast included, completing the experience.

A great price

Price of your meeting

Basically, our meetings have everything our experience tells us you need. You can therefore count on the price.

Should you have additional needs, please let us know - we will always find a good solution.

Long conference day
09:00 - 17:00 (next day)
DKK per person
Morning break
Fresh fruit, coffee, tea & water
Lunch incl. 1 water/soda
Afternoon break with cake of the day
Two-course dinner or buffet of chef's choice
Accommodation in a single room incl. breakfast in a restaurant

Frequently asked questions?

If you need more information, you can find it in the frequently asked questions. In the unlikely event that you still don't know the answer, please don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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